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The Beginning

Is the King James Version of the Bible Perfect?
What About Other Bible Translations and Versions?
Is the Septuagint Accurate?
What Sources Should We Respect?
What About Tradition?
What Sources Should We Respect?
Are Christmas Songs Scriptural?
Are All Other Hymns Scriptural?
Was Solomon the Author of Ecclesiastes?
Other Teachings About the Bible
Synoptic Gospels
Psalms are not Poetry
What Paul Says Here

The Past

What is the Age of the Earth?
How Many Animals of Each Kind Were on the Ark?
Where is Noah's Ark?
The Table of Nations
Terah Lived to 205 not 145
How Long is the Prophetic Year?
How Did the Apostle Judas Die?
Is the Shroud of Turin Real?
Is the Western Wall Really Part of the Temple in Jerusalem?
How did the Apostle John Die?
Can the Historian Josephus be Trusted?
Josephus is Wrong About Chronology
Josephus Disagrees With the Bible About Facts and Events
Josephus Disagrees with Nature
Josephus Uses False Logic
Josephus Disagrees with Himself
Josephus Makes God Out to be a Liar
Josephus Teaches a False Gospel
Was Constantine a Christian?
Foxes Book of Martyrs
Did the Bible Predict the Exact Year of Israel's Reestablishment?
Other Historical Teachings
The Creation of Man is Taught Out of Order
Eve Was not Taken From Adam's Side for Equality
Adam and Eve Were in the Garden of Eden Only a Short Time
The Behemoth Was not a Hippopotamus
The Leviathan Was not a Crocodile
The Unicorn Was not a Wild Ox
Joseph Was not a Type of Christ
The Jews Were Not Slaves 400 Years in Egypt
Moses Was Not a Murderer
Moses Was Not Necessarily a Stutterer
The Pharaoh of the Exodus Drowned
God's People Were not Required to Wear Phylacteries
Bible Maps are not Authorities
David Did not Write all the Psalms
Solomon Did not Have Seven Hundred Wives
Jehoiachin Was Eighteen When He Became King
Tisha B'Av
Cyrus is the One Who Ordered the Restoration and Rebuilding of Jerusalem not Artaxerxes
Historical Fiction is False Prophecy
We Should not Claim the Innkeeper Was a Cruel or Greedy Man
Jesus Walked in Israel not Palestine
We Do not Know the Apostles Were Big Burly Fishermen
We Do not Know Mary Magdalene's Occupation
The Use of a Cat and Nine Tails Was Made Up
The Apostle Paul Got His Testimony Wrong
The Apostles Were not Always Right
Israel Was Reestablished in 1948

The Present

The Resurrection
Palm Sunday
The Lord's Supper
The Lord's Day
The Sabbath
Where Is the Land of Cush
Are Women Preachers Acceptable?
Is Renewing Your Vows a Pagan Ritual?
A Still Small Voice
Other Worship Practices
Service Prayers
Standing for the Reading of the Word
Prayer Time Preaching
Fire Exits
ADA Parking
The Money Changers
Air Conditioning
Suits and Ties
Public Appearance
Midweek Services
New Year's
Can the Length of Your Hair be Wrong?
Are We Required to Say Grace?
Is it Still Wrong to Eat Pork?
Be Still and Know What?
God Owns the Title Deed to Earth
The Keys of Heaven
Living Today the Right Way
Is Christianity a Religion?
Man Is Not a Three Part Being
All Sin Is the Same
A Living Hell
Seeker Sensitive
Rock and Roll
Dressing Modestly
What is Lust?
Wearing Hats Indoors
Pictures of Jesus
Nativity Scenes
Women's Health
Is Jesus the Reason for the Season?
The Feast of Tabernacles
America is a Christian Nation
2 Chronicles 7:14
God's Phone Number: Jeremiah 33:3
The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
America Supports Israel
God Is in Control
Laying On Of Hands Is Not Required to Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
When in Rome do as the Romans Do
Jesus is Lord of All or He Is Not Lord at All
What Is Faith?
What Is Grace?
What Is the Bible?
I Don't Think
When You See a Therefore
Pointing Fingers
The Word Biblical Should Always Be Capitalized
We Have Two Ears and One Mouth

The Future

Esau vs. Jacob
The Future of the Philistines in Gaza
The Future of Damascus
A Major War Is Coming in Israel
Isaiah 18 and The Future of America
The Four Horsemen
The Third Temple
St. Malachy
Rome Means Rome
The Death of the Anti-Christ and the Fall of Satan
From Where Does the False Prophet Come?
New Teachings About the Book of Revelation
Clothes Left Behind
Is It All About Israel?
144,000 Evangelists

The End

How to Get to Heaven
Can People Get Saved in the Tribulation?
Jesus Is the Messiah
False Gospels From Good Preachers
Things You do not Need to do to Get to Heaven
The Doctrine of Original Sin is a Sin in Itself
What is the Meaning of Life?

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